A brief history of men's underwear (2023)

  • 06 January 2022
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1. A brief history of men's underwear

Ever since Adam met Eve, guarding his modesty with a strategically placed blade, men have invented a variety of ways to store their crown jewels: thongs, kilts, breeches, and flannel breeches, to name just a few.

We've come a long way since leather waistbands

Boxers first appeared in 1925 when Jacob Golomb, founder of the boxing equipment company Everlast, realized that leather-belted chests were not the ideal choice and therefore replaced leather with elasticated waistbands. more flexible. The Boxers were not an immediate success, however, as they lacked support in many ways.

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But did you know that modern men's underwear as we know it didn't appear until the mid-1930s? That's right, those brave men who fought in World War I were fighting with a weapon that was still out of its holster.

Arthur Kneibler of Chicago invented modern undergarments in 1934, when he saw a postcard of the fashionable French Riviera that sparked a moment of genius: he realized that bathing trunks from the south of France could be reworked in soft cotton, and therefore therefore, the "jockey shorts". , also known as briefs, were born, an instant winner selling 30,000 in three months and then selling out repeatedly thereafter.

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Tattered drawers, tattered economics

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The state of the economy was said to show itself in the state of men's underwear drawers, with gray and threadbare underwear a clear sign that things were in decline.Sure enough, when the economy slowed in 2008, sales of men's underwear fell 12% as men buckled down and made do with old pants they hoped no one would see. It's called the Men's Underwear Index and it's kind of (fascinating).

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Perhaps men should take the same approach as women; a drawer full of good underwear makes you feel good no matter what's going on in the world. Life is too short for bad pants.

So, in all honesty, there hasn't been much advancement in men's underwear since the 1930s, save for the pocket pouch and now the Crossfly of course...

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2. Boxers vs Underpants

The next ninety years offer a little more choice for us.

The loose, flowing comfort of the boxer style initially designed for boxers appeals to many, while others demand the structure, support and brevity of briefs. It's a never-ending debate, and look, we're not here to end it. We can all agree that boxers and briefs have their pros and cons, right?

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Liberen a Willy:

Some men prefer boxers for sleeping or lounging around the house, but some love to feel that free-swinging freedom all the way to the bank (or, you know, the grocery store). However, if your thighs rub against each other, boxers can be an uncomfortable option.

Be brief:

Ideal for larger, well-endowed thighs. They are tight, secure and comfortable. With a proper fit, you won't have to think about retightening nuts and bolts all day, and that's a relief. And perhaps they frame it well when a moment of intimacy lights up their days and nights. They are also good for those with vertical problems, giving the illusion of longer legs. Do you have a big butt? Abstracts may not provide enough coverage. Bold, but true.

Pack your trunk:Briefs are a shorter boxer-style pant and have become a popular choice for men in the last five years. Not quite as revealing as shorts, but still offering the support of a boxer, they fit most body shapes, although the larger walking thighs among us may find they ride up when they walk.

The point is that these choices are highly personal and psychological. Maybe you want different styles for different occasions, different types of pants for different days. This is the splendor of the golden age of underwear we live in, where you and your crotch can be the kings.

3. Are your underwear a health hazard?

True or False:

Does tight underwear affect sperm count? FAKE.

Non-breathable underwear can affect sperm count and fertility.TRUE. Yeah.

Fortunately, today's fabrics offer a wealth of skin-friendly options. Cool cotton is classic, organic cotton might be even better for the sustainable, planet-conscious man. But technical fabrics, however, promise greater moisture absorption, odor repellency, and elasticity.

We get sweaty, dirty, but heat and rashes or infections and irritations are signs that you're wearing the wrong fabric for your pants.

And no, flip command will not solve these problems. Your crown jewels need a smooth, quality barrier between you and your pants/shorts, so credentials are key. Fortunately, all Crossfly garments feature soft, supportive, breathable, moisture-wicking and antimicrobial technologies. just saying.

Drop your pants here!

Lean closer. Well, that's close enough.

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And that married men are more likely to wash their underwear more often? It goes without saying that underwear should be clean, dry, and snug. Nick Kamen received the memo for a certain famous Levi ad in 1985.

We're a judge-free zone here, but folks. Change your underwear every day, huh? We don't care if all you've done is play FIFA or closed three deals outside your desk, every crotch (and partner) deserves a clean underwear every day. And it's also important for your precious skin. And no, flipping it won't work either.

But after how many washes will you need to change your underwear? There is no single answer, and it will depend on the quality of the underwear you are wearing.

An inexpensive pair of classic cotton boxer briefs can reach the end of their useful life after about a year. A more robust and carefully designed pair, such as a pair of IKONX Crossfly shorts, can last much longer with proper care.

4. Why Crossfly? X is why.

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At Crossfly, we take men's underwear and make it great. About time, right? There has been little innovation from big brands for 8-9 decades. You may think you don't care, but we know you do. At least let us take care of you.

We have been actively testing boxer briefs to find the best underwear for you. We are very excited with the result. It's everyday underwear, it's everyoneunderwear and even some for athletes too.

Here are Crossfly's credentials getting to the parts others don't...


A precise pocket for what matters most, the Coccoon eliminates chafing and chafing and quite frankly makes this the most comfortable underwear we've ever worn.


That Y flap on the front? He hasn't changed since good old Arthur, and it's about time. Now, it's all about the X. The X-fly. A simple slide of the thumb lowers the flap.vertically, making it much easier to access and release your parts. The x marks the spot.


A double layer of fabric cleverly wicks away moisture without sacrificing breathability.

Cintura ZeroFold 360

It hugs you all day, without wrinkles, without frantic snagging or pulling.

to keep up to date

Antimicrobial fabric keeps odor away and your crotch feels fresh no matter how much you sweat.


Mesh panels provide airflow where you need it most. You and your sperm count.

In summary:

Every 'body' deserves a great underwear. The journey to the perfect match is personal and not necessarily simple, but we hope we've shown you how crazy our X concept is.

Whether you're wearing leather briefs, boxers or thongs, be your best self with the best underwear. You deserve that.


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