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We can make all sorts of promises about the writing service we offer, but nothing is as important as what our clients say about us.

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anonymous communication allows you to anonymously discuss your request with the designated author.

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We work with trusted payment providers and accept all major debit and credit cards, including Visa.

absolute confidentiality

Your private information is kept private and not shared with anyone, including your assigned typist.

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With a focus on quality, our team goes the extra mile to ensure every document you fill out is absolutely perfect.

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originality check

We use Turnitin-like plagiarism detection software (e.g. Copyleaks, Copyscape) to ensure that the level of originality is within acceptable limits. We would be happy to provide you with a detailed report on request.

Strict quality control

After writing, each article is checked for accuracy, formatting, grammar, punctuation, and many other issues by the dedicated Quality Assurance team.

You have academic goals.
We can help you reach them easily.

You have academic goals.
We can help you reach them easily.

Buy an essay from page 1 is the best site to buy an essay according to students. Professional writers in over 35 subjects commit to 100% original papers that generate positive reports of similarity to Turnitin. Teachers, instructors, and professors never have a problem accepting essays written by Grade Miners.

Who are Grad Miners? ENL (Native English) and ESL (English as a Second Language) provide specialists in all high school, college and university subjectsOnline Writing Helpin the form of personalized fonts. There are standard, top and premium tier miners. Depending on the student's budget, it is possible to choose the preferred level of the future specialist writing a research paper. is also known for meeting urgent deadlines. In fact, it's one of the first sites to introduce the 1-hour write-in limit! So if you need to buy an essay online quickly, our website is for you. With most deadlines being met on time, it's safe to say that the service will help you fit into any schedule.

Additionally, offers a sleek, modern design, easy navigation, and an easy checkout process. Direct chat with an author is also one of the platform's features. The 24/7 customer service is available to students at any time of the day or night. In live chat, drop a line and say, "Hey,write my essay 4 me!” and our service will do everything for you. Unlimited free revisions for up to 30 days are also one of the main features of the service.

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One of the signs of a qualitycustom attachmentis that it passes Turnitin with no problems. Grade Miners essays have been known to pass Turnitin without hesitation from the instructors. As all papers are created from scratch and verified via Copyleaks and Copyscape, the originality of the content allows Turnitin to hit 10/10 times.

An essay, a case study,book report, course or dissertation - at it is 100% written from scratch. Even if you buy a cheap essay with an extended deadline and all sorts of discounts, it is absolutely authentic and free from plagiarism. Our writers know how to write articles that will be accepted by instructors after reviewing a Turnitin Similarity Report.

It doesn't matter if you need a 500-word, 2000-10,000-word essay because Grade Miners will get the job done quickly and professionally! Everyone knows about, so our reputation and reputation are the best reasons to buy cheap attachments now.

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Students can buy inexpensive essays at You don't need any other service as we cover all your homework writing needs. From essays to dissertations, Grade Miners can help you submit A-level academic assignments in a timely manner.

How to buy cheap essays online? As our regular customer, use your bonus balance from previous orders. Or use your 15% off first order discount code to save up to $35 on your first paper purchase.

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Students should always buy essays online from a quality vendor. Why spend money on inferior essays when there is a site like that has legitimate ENL and ESL experts doing A-grade essays and other work?

Fororder testonline in 3 quick steps on Grade Miners, here is what you need to do:


Students can purchase articles using the order form. A total of three steps are required to fill out the order form. The first step – basic requirements. The second step - all your personal specifications and requirements. And third – opt for additional services designed to improve customer experience with Grade Miners.


on a secure checkout page. Payment methods available are Visa, Master Card and American Express debit/credit cards. It is also possible to purchase writing jobs using services such as Discover. All payments are safe and secure. Money back guarantee comes with every order.


Having the document with the final version of your essay is actually the most exciting part! At we guarantee the delivery of orders on time or even close to the deadline. There are no missed deadlines at If you need corrections, activate a free review period in your client area.

Is It Safe to Buy College Essays on Miners? is one of thosepremium writing servicesin 2021. So if you buy university essays on our site, you will not regret it! We guarantee you a first-class service that will help you achieve your academic goals without stress. mainly haspositive commentsand therefore can be used by any student who wants more time after class but still wants to have a positive GPA. is fully GDPR and CCPA compliant. The company does not share personal customer information with third parties. Customers are the sole owners of the copy of any paper they purchase from our site. Orders are backed by the money-back guarantee. If you would like to learn more about how Grade Miners protects your privacy, please read our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. All copyrights reserved.


Buying an essay online at is a wise choice. Our company is known for its quality writers and world-class customer support. Our prices are also affordable and fit any budget. Pay someone to do your essay now and have plenty of time until the deadline to spend on you and not on your homework!

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