How long can videos be on Instagram? - To plan (2023)

Frustrated with Instagram video length restrictions? Here are the exact time limits you need to know and some tricks to get around them.

Did you get this far trying to upload videos to Instagram?

Are your videos too long or are you tired of being interrupted by the app while recording a clip for Instagram Stories? Or maybe you are not sure if you can reuse your TikTok videos in Reels or if they will be too long.

The struggle is real!Fortunately, we have the answers to all your Instagram video problems.

By the time you finish reading this post, you will know:

‣  The perfect video length for IGTV, Instagram Stories, Instagram Live, Reels and news posts

‣  5 Secret Tricks to Bypass Video Length Limits on IG

‣  How to get free video footage to take your clips to the next level

Let's dive!

How long can videos be on Instagram? - To plan (1)

How long can videos be on Instagram?

How long can videos be on Instagram? - To plan (2)It all depends on the type of content you are uploading! here is the truth

IGTV:You can upload a 15-second to 10-minute video if you have a regular Instagram account. Larger, verified accounts can upload a 60-minute IGTV video. You can record live video or upload pre-recorded content

Instagram stories:Stories are limited to 15 seconds each. However, you can record a maximum of 60 seconds at a time and Instagram will split them into four.Stories

Instagram feed:You can upload a video to your feed that is only 3 seconds long and has a maximum duration of 60 seconds

instagram live:Similar to Facebook, you can host a Live with a maximum duration of 60 minutes

Video ads on Instagram feed:Your video ad must meet the length requirements of 3-60 seconds.

Instagram story video ad:You have a limit of 15 seconds per story

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How long can Reels videos stay on Instagram?

How long can videos be on Instagram? - To plan (3)

This is the length of videos on Instagram Reels

No, the answer is not "a very, very long time!" In fact, Reels videos have a very short maximum duration of 30 seconds. While it's shorter than TikTok's maximum video length of 60 seconds, it's still double the original length of 15 seconds.

How to make your video the perfect length for Instagram

There's nothing more frustrating than spending hours shooting and editing a video only to have it rejected by Instagram because it takes a few seconds or minutes too long.If you're having trouble with your video length, here are some tips on how to make your video the perfect length:

Problem #1: My Instagram feed video is too long

Don't want to edit any more images?create a videopost carrossel!Split your video into smaller clips and your followers can watch them one after the other by swiping your finger across the post.The best part? Video carousels can be up to 10 minutes long!

Say goodbye to that 60 second time limit.

Problem #2: My Instagram video is too short

Nobody likes cuteness.But sometimes you need a little more to reach the minimum Instagram video length.So how do you increase your video length without sacrificing quality?

He can:

‣  Add more images (pssst... Plann has a WHOLE library ofvideo recordingYou can use!).

‣  Slow down a clip or add a loop to lengthen your video.

‣  Create an intro or end screen using a video editor likeInVideo.

Best practices for Instagram feed videos

‣  Upload your videos in the highest possible resolution. The maximum video file size is 4 GB.

‣  Instagram prefers thumbnails with minimal text.

‣  Add subtitles to your videos for easy viewing without sound.

‣  Add your call to action (CTA) in the middle of your video. Most people don't take any action at first, and a large percentage of users don't watch a video until the end.

Problem #3: Your Instagram story is too long

Do you have more than 60 seconds worth of things to say?Bypass the Instagram Stories limit with this trick:

Step 1:Download a video editing app like CutStory for Instagram.

Step 2:Record your video on your phone.

Stage 3:Open the video in the app from your camera roll and cut the video into equal 15-second clips.

Stage 4:Open Instagram Stories and select clips from your camera and upload each one.

Best practices for Instagram stories videos

‣  Add location tags and use relevant hashtags to boost your views.

‣  Don't post too many Instagram Stories a day. It will amaze your audience.

‣  Always try to have at least one story at all times. This will keep your profile at the forefront of user story feeds.

Keep your viewers interestedusing features like "Poll" and "Questions".

‣  View your story analytics with Plann to see how your posts are performing and how you can improve your engagement.

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Problem #4: Your Instagram ad video is longer than 15 seconds

If you're experimenting with running Instagram Story ads, you can bypass the 15-second limit.Instagram allows you to create up to 10 cards. Each card can contain 15 seconds of video.But only the first three cards will appear in the Instagram Story feed. Users will need to register with one tap to see the rest.

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Problem #5: Your Instagram Live video is longer than 60 minutes

Although you are limited to 60 minutes per live stream on Instagram, you can easily skip it.All you have to do is go live once you hit the time limit. You can restart your stream as many times as you like!

How long can videos be on Instagram? - To plan (5)

Best practices for live video on Instagram

‣  Come prepared! Write a roadmap or bulleted list to stay on track and avoid missing important information.

‣  Promote your Instagram Live videos on your stories and other social media platforms. Use the "Countdown" feature in Stories to attract people to your live. The more views you get, the more likely Instagram will promote your video on the Explore page.

‣  Use your live streams to grow your email list. Ask your followers to submit their questions via a registration page on your website.

‣  Use your Instagram Live to promote exciting new product launches and announcements. If you're selling a course, you can use your stream as a live "FAQ" to eliminate any objections people might have about enrolling.

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Not sure which type of video is best for your content? Look at this video!

Start planning your video content

Now that you know the correct video length for Instagram (and some tricks to get around those annoying limits), it's time to start planning your content.

download planand start curating your perfect Instagram feed. Upload your photos and videos and publish your feed posts and stories at the best times for your audience.

Grow your brand on social media instantly.

Advanced analytics help you identify what's working, weed out what's not, and build your brand without the guesswork.



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