How much does Kindle Unlimited cost and is it worth the subscription price? (2023)

Kindle Unlimited is a bundle that gives the user the freedom to access all the services available on Kindle at a price of $9.99 / £7.99 / AU$13.99 per month.This includes access to multiple audiobooks, 3 magazines, unlimited books in an e-book library and much more. This means, without exception, that a wide range of your reading pleasure can be recorded here.

Why you should choose Kindle Unlimited

An obvious and recurring question for most readers is whether the Kindle Unlimited bundle is really worth it. While the decision to subscribe to the Kindle Unlimited service is generally based on individual preferences, there are several crucial factors to consider in order to make the decision that is best for you. Here is a list of things to consider.

1. Reading habits

Kindle Unlimited is worth it if you want to read multiple books each month. Even more, if you are a lover of variety where you like to explore different authors and make sure to improve your reading habits, Kindle Unlimited would be great for you. The service gives you unlimited access to many authors as long as your subscription is active.

2. Reading Interests

It's worth subscribing to the Kindle Unlimited bundle if you have a keen interest in comics and magazines, as well as other books. This would also give you full bang for your buck as you would get multiple magazines and comics for free for the entire subscription period. Kindle Unlimited helps these people save money that they would otherwise spend on subscribing to magazines or comic book services.

3. Broad gender interests

If you have a wide range of interests, the KU is definitely worth it. Lovers of romance, thrillers, cozy mysteries, fantasy, sci-fi genres, independent/self-published books, etc. would benefit greatly from KU. After subscribing to the service, you can access a variety of reading genres.

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How does Kindle Unlimited work?

The attractive Kindle Unlimited deal is available for the same price of $9.99 whether you are already a Prime member or not. As a Prime member, you can also enjoy a bonus in the form of a reduced subscription fee, and a free trial is also available during Amazon Prime Day or Black Friday.

However, to access Kindle Unlimited, you need an Amazon account. You do not need a separate device/subscription to be able to read books from any of your devices that can install the Kindle app, such as: B. iPads, phones, tablets, etc.

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There are no specific restrictions on how many books you can read in a month, just that you can store a maximum of 20 books in your KU library at one time. You can also replace your old ones with new ones when you see new titles that interest you or lose your old ones entirely at the end of your subscription.

Kindle Unlimited x Prime Lesen

The core reading subscription is sometimes confused with Kindle Unlimited, but that's not the case. Prime Reading is an exclusive reservation for Amazon Prime subscribers. Despite many similarities to KU, it offers a smaller selection centered around a thousand titles compared to KU's 1 million. If you are not an Amazon Prime member, the Prime Reading library will remain inaccessible to you.

The difference between Kindle Unlimited and Prime Reading is also reflected in the fact that the latter is included in the Amazon Prime package and gives access to around 1,000 titles. However, this occasionally changes as new books come out. While you would pay a certain amount monthly for the first (Kindle Unlimited), this gives you access to the extensive library of 1 million book titles. New books appear here too.

However, the basic functions of Kindle Unlimited and Prime Reading are similar - you can select books from the pre-selected range and download them to any device or Kindle app for reading. There is no expiration date and you can also select audiobooks and magazines in both packages. While there are many similarities between Kindle Unlimited and Prime Reading, the fact remains that Prime Reading is like a sample of Kindle Unlimited, not the whole package. Hence they are different.

Kindle Unlimited x Scribd

Scribd, the Netflix of books as it's commonly known, also offers unlimited access to eBooks, audiobooks, magazines, etc. for the same price as Kindle Unlimited. To properly assess our choice between Kindle Unlimited and Scribd, it's important to note that KU allows readers to read Kindle Unlimited books on the Kindle e-reader, while Scribd does not. Scribd books can only be read in the Scribd app on devices or gadgets such as tablets, phones, etc. So if you have an eReader and prefer to use it for reading, Kindle Unlimited should be your top choice.

Scribd also has a large library, but it's not as big as Kindle Unlimited, although Scribd's library includes many bestsellers. So if you plan to read a lot of books each month, KU should be your package of choice, as Scribd still limits the titles users can access in a given content library in a 30-day period.

Even more, in cases where you want to unsubscribe from one of the services for that month, Kindle Unlimited is much easier to reach. Many users have complained about the ineffectiveness of the logout feature on Scribd.

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Frequently asked questions about Kindle Unlimited

Below are some frequently asked questions about Kindle Unlimited and the answers to the questions:

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1. How can I access Kindle Unlimited books?

You can find Kindle Unlimited books at any online Kindle bookstore that sells Kindle books. When scanning/browsing the store, be sure to look for the Kindle Unlimited icon. When you find it, you can click the "Read for Free" button on the Kindle book pages to start reading.

Additionally, you can pull titles or publisher recommendations from the Kindle Unlimited site, or browse/refine your catalog by the genre of your choice.

2. How can I access Kindle Unlimited audiobooks?

Kindle Unlimited audiobooks are available on Kindle Fire HDX tablets, iOS or Android phones, and tablets with Audible's free Kindle reading apps and free listening apps. While reading, look for the Annotated Kindle Unlimited icon to access this feature. Or browse the catalog of titles with a free audiobook accessory.

3. How can I access the current issue of one of the magazines?

For Kindle Unlimited magazine subscriptions, go to the Kindle Unlimited Store. Still, on the pages of the magazine, click the "Read for Free" button on the media you use to read, whether it's the iOS and Android reading apps, Amazon shopping app for Android, Fire -tablets or your web browser in the area. Desktop, Android or iOS devices. This would allow you to download your chosen magazine and you could start reading. It is currently not possible to borrow directly from the Amazon mobile shopping app, but the download option is very functional for magazines.

4. Do I have to pay separately for Kindle Unlimited magazine subscriptions?

NO. A Kindle Unlimited subscription offers a curated selection of magazine subscriptions. You can choose three magazine subscriptions, all based on your subscription, at no additional cost.

5. Is a magazine subscription on Kindle Unlimited the same as a magazine subscription I can buy on Kindle Newsstand?

The content of the magazine remains the same. By clicking the "Read Free" button on the relevant magazine, you can borrow issues of the magazine until you cancel your subscription or the magazine is removed. You can also access the current issue of the three magazines you have subscribed to by clicking the "Read for free" button.

6. Does Kindle Unlimited include public domain titles?

There are an estimated 500 public domain titles in Kindle Unlimited, and it would be interesting to know that all of them have been synced with the free audiobooks just to make reading easier for subscribers.

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7. How do I sign up for Kindle Unlimited on my iOS device? any browser of your choice to register. Using the same browser, you can download as much as you can search for the books of your choice.

Kindle Unlimited generally works like a library where you can easily borrow and read books. Any notes or markings in the books are kept for you, recording your pace and activities. It's definitely a great initiative to promote a good reading culture, whether you're just starting out as a beginner or already an avid reader.


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