Is Kindle Unlimited worth it? Full Kindle Unlimited Trial (2023)

So you heard about itunlimited kindleand you may know a few people who use it, but is this ebook subscription service right for you? More importantly, is Kindle Unlimited worth it or is it just a waste of money?

This is a pretty common question. So if you're trying to decide whether or not Kindle Unlimited is worth your time, this Amazon Kindle Unlimited review will help you find out! This review tells you everything you need to know to decide whether or not this subscription service is worth it. So let's dive in!

What is Kindle Unlimited?

Before delving into whether or not Kindle Unlimited is worth your time, it's important to first understand what Kindle Unlimited is. So what is itunlimited kindle? It is a subscription service that allows you to borrow and read an unlimited number of books from the Kindle Unlimited library each month.

What is Kindle Unlimited Library? It's a collection of popular books, self-published titles, Amazon Originals, and more...and there are over a million total titles in this library! If you subscribe to Kindle Unlimited, you can read as many of these titles as you want, as many as you want.

If you love to read and read a lot of books each month, a Kindle Unlimited subscription might be a good option for you. But read on to find out all the ins and outs of this Amazon subscription service!

How does Kindle Unlimited work?

If youSign up for Kindle Unlimitedyou can borrow your first Kindle Unlimited books. You can borrow and read up to 10 titles at a time (before having to return a book to the library to borrow more).

CanExplore the Kindle Unlimited Books Pageif you don't have a specific book in mind to borrow, or you can search for specific books and see if they're part of the Kindle Unlimited program. To learn more about how Kindle Unlimited works (and how to see if there are books available on Kindle Unlimited),Check out this full article on using Kindle Unlimited.

How much does Kindle Unlimited cost?

Cost is another consideration when deciding if Kindle Unlimited is worth it... so how much does Kindle Unlimited cost? Fortunately, the KU subscription price is only $9.99 per month!

That's a pretty standard cost for an entertainment service (it's pretty comparable to a Netflix subscription fee, for example). Also, this subscription costs about the same price as buying just 3-4 eBooks. So if you read a lot each month, this subscription can save you a lot of money.

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Also, you can usually get a few months free if you sign up for aKindle Unlimited Free Trial! Also, if youSign up for a specific number of months in advance(6, 12 or 24) you often get a better price than paying monthly.

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Kindle Unlimited Benefits

Now that we've covered what Kindle Unlimited is, a little about how it works, and how much it costs, it's time to tackle the big question: Is Kindle Unlimited worth it? To explore this, let's first look at the benefits of Kindle Unlimited:

1. Access to a library of over a million titles

One of the biggest benefits of Kindle Unlimited is access to a huge library of eBooks! Of course, not all of these are necessarily very popular books... but with so many to choose from, you're sure to find plenty of enjoyable reading.

2. The ability to read as many books as you want each month

Aside from the idea of ​​accessing a huge library of books, another benefit of Kindle Unlimited is that you can read as many books as you want each month.

If you only want to read 2 or 3, that's fine! Or if you want to read 20, 50 or 100, that's great too! You can read as many books as you can in your schedule, which is pretty spectacular.

3. You can try new books or new genres without worrying about the cost.

Another thing I like about Kindle Unlimited is that I can try new books, new authors, new genres... and if I don't like them, I can return the books and try something else.

Because you pay a fee for as many books as you can read each month, you don't have to feel guilty if you check out a book and decide it's not for you...because it didn't cost you more to get it. give away a chance!

4. INSTANT access to all eBooks on Kindle Unlimited

Another cool feature of Kindle Unlimited is that you get instant access to all the eBooks on Kindle Unlimited. Unlike the library, where you may have to wait on a waiting list for the book to become available, KU allows you to borrow any book through the service whenever you want.

This means you can easily search for books on Kindle Unlimited and borrow them instantly, without waiting in line! This is one of my favorite features of Kindle Unlimited, and it's sure to be one of your favorites, too.

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5. No expiration dates

Another feature I love about KU is that there are no due dates... which means you can leave books on loan for as long as you want! (But remember that you can only withdraw 10 at a time).

So if you want to read a book but it takes a while, you can take your time and even take a break and come back to read it later if you want. There is no countdown to the due date that will stress you out or make you finish the book or give up. Instead, you can read at your own pace!

6. You can check out audiobooks, not just eBooks

While Kindle Unlimited is primarily an eBook subscription service, another bonus to this subscription is that there's a pretty decent selection of audiobooks that you can check out for free as well.

So if you like listening to audiobooks, this is an added benefit that can make you enjoy Kindle Unlimited even more. CanLearn more about Kindle Unlimited Audiobooks here.

7. Access Kindle Unlimited books from any device

Another thing KU users love about this service is that the eBooks/audiobooks are available on any device! You can read on your phone, tablet, Kindle, computer, and more...and your books will always sync right where you put them on the last device you read from!

This is a really cool feature and means you can read pretty much anytime, anywhere. So if you, like one of you, want to read moreReading goals for the year., this can be a great way to set aside some extra time for reading!

8. You can cancel at any time

Another thing I like about Kindle Unlimited is that you can cancel your subscription at any time if you have the monthly plan. The monthly plan allows you to not be locked into that subscription so you can try it out and if you find it's not for you you can easily cancel.

This feature also allows you to buy a Kindle here or there for a month whenever you want... instead of having to pay for the whole year. So if you think you'll want Kindle Unlimited, but only occasionally, that's definitely an option!

Contras de Kindle Unlimited

Those are the main advantages of Kindle Unlimited, but what about the disadvantages of this subscription service? Here are some of the cons of Kindle Unlimited to keep in mind when trying to decide whether or not it's worth it.

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1. Many of the books in the KU Library are self-published books or Amazon Originals.

For many people, one of the biggest downsides to Kindle Unlimited is that most of the books in the library are either self-published, Amazon Originals, or lesser-known books.

Yes, there are often well-known books likeharry potter,The selection,The Hunger Games, and more... but most of the books aren't the super popular, newly released, or best-selling titles.

That's not to say there aren't plenty of great books to read! There are lots of fun and entertaining reads to do on Kindle Unlimited. But depending on the types of books you like, you should be aware that they may or may not be available through this service.

my recomendation isBrowse through some of the available booksto see if there is a book that catches your attention. So I also recommendTry the free trial... after all, it's free! And so that you can get an idea of ​​whether there are books that you will like to read or not.

2. Many books on Kindle Unlimited are cheap

Since the KU Library contains many self-published and Amazon Original books, this means that many of the eBooks in this library are only around $0.99 to $2.99. So it's important to consider how many books you'd read through Kindle Unlimited each month, and how much each would cost if you bought it outright.

Since many of the e-books are cheaper, you may need to read a lot of books to recoup the fee spent on the monthly subscription. You may need to read between 3 and 10 books a month to get your money back, depending on the typical purchase cost of the books you enjoy reading. So that's something to think about before you decide to join!

3. You do not own the e-books

Another downside to Kindle Unlimited is that there is aprovidesubscription service. So you pay every month for the privilege of borrowing eBooks and audiobooks.

This means that you do not own the eBooks. So if you cancel your subscription, you'll no longer have access to the books you've read on Kindle Unlimited. You should definitely keep that in mind!

4. You can only read with the Kindle app

Another thing to consider is that you can only read Kindle Unlimited books withfree kindle app. This isn't a terrible drawback, as overall the Kindle app is pretty good and easy to read... but if you have another app you like to use for reading, keep in mind that you're not using it with Kindle Unlimited.

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5. Kindle Unlimited no funciona con Amazon Household

Unfortunately, another downside to Kindle Unlimited is that it doesn't work with home. While Home allows you to share Prime benefits and other digital content with members of your family, Kindle Unlimited is not one of the shareable benefits, but rather is designed as a one-person subscription service.

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So... Kindle Unlimited: Is it worth it?

So we've already covered all the pros and cons of Kindle Unlimited, but the question remains: is a Kindle Unlimited subscription worth it?

And the answer is yes, 100%... at least to prove it. You can get at least a month or two out of it.Kindle Unlimited free with a free trial, so there is absolutely no reason not to give it a try and see if you like it. With a free prize, trying it out is a piece of cake!

However, if you're wondering if Kindle Unlimited is worth paying for, I think the answer is either yes or no (depending on the type of reader you are). So let's take a look at who probably thinks Kindle Unlimited is worth buying and who doesn't:

Kindle Unlimited is for you if...

  • They love to read e-books.
  • You read a lot of e-books every month.
  • You want to read eBooks without having to wait for them to become available in your library
  • You are adventurous and want to try reading new books, new authors and/or new genres.

Kindle Unlimited is not for you if...

  • Actually, you don't like reading e-books.
  • You don't read many books a month.
  • You want to have every ebook you read
  • They only want to read very popular and well-known books and authors.
  • You'd rather wait for eBooks to become available in your library than spend $9.99 a month

So the question to ask yourself now is: which category do you fall into? If you relate more to the list of articles saying Kindle Unlimited is for you, then you have your answer that it's really worth it! And if not, then that's perfectly fine too.

I enjoy using Kindle Unlimited because I love discovering and finding new authors and books to enjoy, but I don't always have Kindle Unlimited all year long. Instead, I usually enjoy having it for a few months at a time and then letting it go for a few months. So only you can answer the question of whether it's worth it for you, and maybe it's a resounding yes or a resounding no... or maybe it's somewhere in the middle like me!

But regardless, you are now armed with all the information you need to know to make an informed decision. And as I said before, whether you think Kindle Unlimited is right for you or not, you still need to.definitive Get your free trial. Because you can enjoy it completely free for a month or two! What could not be loved?

Get your free trial of Kindle Unlimited now!


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