La Times Kreuzword Puzzle responds Friday, March 10, 2023 (2023)

La Times Kreuzword Puzzle responds Friday, March 10, 2023 (1)

Here you will find the complete list of information and responses for Friday, March 10, 2023, the Times Crossword Puzzle.


1 Occupied in another way: worried: this prayer refers to someone who deals with activity or work and, therefore, may currently be available for nothing more.The word "busy" implies that the person has a lot to do and currently with something important she is busy.

5 "Checkmate!": I won: "Checkmate" is a term used in the chess game to indicate that the king of a player can be recorded (that is, attacked or revised) and not if a player puts the kingFrom her opponent in Scheckmatt, the game is over and you won.Throughout the expression "Checkmate! I won", the victory in the game means.

9 Concert equipment: Ampperio: Ampere is an abbreviation of amplifiers that are electronic devices that increase the performance of an audio signal.To reinforce voice microphones.

13 "__ on Midnight Comfort ...": Once: this prayer is the opening line of the famous "The Raven" poem by Edgar Allan Poe.The word "once" suggests that the narrator remembers a specific event in the past, which represents the mood for the disturbing and melancholic issues of the poem.

14 Origami Bird: Crane: The crane is a traditional origami model that is seen as a symbol of peace and durability in Japanese culture.The bird is folded with a single square sheet of paper and requires complicated folding techniques to have its characteristic long neck and to create its size.

15 Chicken House: COOP: A cooperative is a small housing or accommodation with which chickens or other poultry are stored.Usually, it consists of a wooden frame with wire network walls and a roof to protect the birds from predators and elements.

16 "Mine!": God: "My God!"It is a Spanish prayer that "My God!"Oh my God!"It is an expression of surprise or disbelief and is often in a conversation as an interjection used.

17 rabbits: rabbits: rabbits are a type of mammal that are closely related to rabbits.They are known for their long ears and their rapid speed of operation, which allows them to escape the predators in their natural habitat.

18 Unbalanced linen color: Ecru: Ecru is a light beige or tingling color, which is similar in color such as unparalleled linen.It is often used in fashion and interior design to create a neutral and reserved appearance.

19 dinner and drinks with a preacher?Folly approach to appointments and relationships.

22 actor Jeong: Ken: Ken Jeong is an American actor, comedian and doctor than best known for his roles in comedy films "The Hangover" and "Crazy Rich Asian".He also acted on several television programs, including "Community" and "Dr.Ken."

23 "quite": in fact: "In fact" it is an adverb that means "really" or "actually."The phrase "enough, I agree."

24 Movement, roots and everything: Repot: Reponting is a process in which a plant is transferred to a new pot with fresh earth.If a plant grows from its pot or the ground runs out.The process is eliminated with its roots and everything from its existing pot and placed in a larger pot with fresh land to promote growth.

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26 thousand years for a megalith?.

31 __ Diego: San: San Diego is a city in the southern part of California in the United States.The expression "San Diego" means "San Diego" in Spanish and bears the name of the Holy Didacus of Alcalá, a Spanish, Franciscan brothers.
CNN Anker Burnett: Erin: Erin Burnett is an American news speaker and television personality that is currently moderating

34 "Erin Burnett Outfront" in CNN.She also worked for CNBC and was a frequent guest in NBC's "show today".

35 HIRNTEANSER HELP: Note: A note is a note or a suggestion that solves a problem or puzzle.In the context of brain neasers, a note can provide small information that walks to welding in the right direction.Game programs used to make the most attractive and interactive challenge are shown.

36 Cala Cubes Manufacturer: Knorr: Knorr is a brand of groceries that specializes in soups, stocks and packaged spices.Give stew and taste of gravity.

38 "Queen __": Puntiaguda pop music: Bey: Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter, professionally known as Beyoncé, is a American singer, composer and actress.She has won numerous awards and awards for her music and is one of the most successful and influential artists in today's pop music."Queen Bey" is a nickname that gave Beyoncé to his fans.

40 Big Fetes: Galas: A gala is a party or an elegant and elegant celebration that is often maintained to collect money for a beneficial organization or something worthy.Galas are usually large and busy events with food, drinks, music and entertainment. Often, guests have to wear formal clothes.

41 Quechua Spocesman: Inca: Quechua is a family of languages spoken in the Andean American region, Bolivia, Bolivia, Ecuador and Colombia.He talked a way of Quechua and is famous for their architecture, agriculture and agriculture and agricultural organization.

42 Risk of non -payment, in summary: Repo: A repository agreement (Review Agreement) is a financial transaction in which a party sells an asset (normally securities) to another part, with the promise to buy again on a datelater.Rest.They are often used in short -term credit markets and can bring risks, such as the risk of failure or not payments.

44 Squálido digles: Sty: A sty is a small and dirty life space that is often connected to animals such as pigs.In the visual sense, the term "sty" can also refer to a poor or dirty life space for humans.

45 Exam for a mediation certificate?: Peace Pro Test: A specialist in peace is someone who works to resolve and promote conflicts, often through mediation or other forms of elimination.That suggests an exam to obtain a certificate as a woman of peace.

50 "Equal!": Me too: "I also" is a frequent edition that is used to express agreement or similarity with a statement or situation.It is often used in online conversations or discussions to show solidarity or to indicate that the speaker has had similar experience.

51 Holder: Tee-Hee: A Titter is a small and nervous laugh or laughs, often in response to something slightly humorous or uncomfortable.The expression "tone" is often used to imitate the sound of a breast.

55 Position of the golf ball: Lies: The lie of a golf ball refers to the position or angle in which it rests on the floor.A good lie is one that allows the golfer to establish a clean and firm contact with the ball and reach the desired shot.The lie can be influenced by factors such as the inclination of the soil and the length of the grass.

57 Short moment or what three long answers on this puzzle?: Sections of a second: a second is a very short time, typically less than a second.In the context of the crossword, the expression "second" is a piece with words that refers to that.

60 Gumbo Pod: Okra: Okra is a vegetable that is often used in southern and African cuisine, especially in dishes such as Gumbo and Jambalaya.The edible part of the Okra plant is a long and rejuvenated green capsule that contains small seeds.

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62 Miso soup base: Dashi: Dashi is a Japanese soup that is used as a basis for many dishes, including miso soup).In water.

63 Objective: Have: OBBS Something means having or possessing, in the context of the crossword, the word "having" is used as a synonym for "possession."

64 Beam: Beam: A beam is a long and fair piece of wood or metal that is used as support or covers a distance.In the context of the crossword, the word "do" is used as a synonym for "beam."

65 Like some rural roads at night: not on: unlocked roads are streets that are not illuminated by street lamps or other sources of lighting.In the context of the crossword, the expression "as some rural roads at night" is an indication that the answer "is a bit."

66 Remove wrinkles: Iron: To iron something, folds or wrinkles must remove from the fabric with hot iron.In the context of the crossing, the word "iron" is used as a verb to eliminate wrinkles.

67 "__ There, Tigre": Simple: The expression "simply there, Tigre" is a colloquial expression that is used to tell someone to calm or facilitate it.In the context of the crossword, the empty storage space shows "there, tiger" that the answer is a word with two letters that is "simple."

68 Poemas of praise: ODAS: An ode is a type of poem that is usually written for praise for someone or something.Odas are often formal and structured and are often used to celebrate important events or people.

69 ice cream with a birthday taste: Edy's: Eathe is an ice cream brand sold in the US.


1 __ Tree: place of lighting in the Buddhist tradition: Bodhi: The Bodhi tree is a Santa Higuera in Bodh Gaya, India under which the Buddha has obtained lighting.The word "bodhi" means "wake up" or "in Sanskrit" or "or Sanskrit" or "illustration", and the tree is seen as a sacred place for Buddhists.

2 Collective bargaining group: Union: A union is an organization of employees that are formed to protect the rights and interests of its members.The unions negotiate with employers on behalf of their members to ensure better salaries, services and working conditions.

3 Enter a good conversation: Change: scolding someone means blaming or criticizing him for his behavior.

4 "Okay, I understand it": Yes, yes: the expression "Yes" is a colloquial expression that is often used to show an agreement or understanding.In the context of the crossword, the expression is an answer to someone who explains something or instructions.

5 Earth in which there is talk of Farsi: Iran: Iran is a country in the Middle East that is known for its rich history and culture.Iran's official language is Persian, which is also known as Farsi.

6 New Orleans Voting District: Station: A municipality is a political department that is used in some cities and cities to organize constituencies.In New Orleans, the city is divided into 17 stations, each of which is represented by a selected official.

7 Like the demanding flexions: Einarm: single arm supporters are a type of exercise that requires a significant amount of strength and balance.It remains behind the back.

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8 Rival Lipton: Nestea: Nestea is an ice tea brand produced by the Coca-Cola company.The brand is a rival from Lipton, another popular Eiseee brand.

9 Royal Flush Card: Ace: In a card game, an ASA is the highest letter.In a poker game, an ace can be used as a high letter or as a low letter depending on the other cards in the player's hand.

10 Nojito and nothing cast, for two: simulation ctaquinjes: a simina tail is a free -free cocktail that is usually made of fruit juice, soft drinks and other mixers.The word "mocktail" is a combination of "simulator" (means "imitation") and "cocktail".

11 Sweat out: Pore: A pore is a small skin opening with which sweat and other substances can pass.Pores can also be found in other parts of the body, such as lungs and digestive system.

12 As some silk or sugar: spinning: the word "spinning" can be used to describe the silk or sugar that has been processed in thin threads or strands.The word is often used to describe the texture of these materials, one has soft and smooth thread -quality.

14 clothing and then hijab: puff
A chador is a kind of garment used by some Muslim women to cover their body and head in public.It is similar to a hijab, but the chador is usually a full -body layer that extends to the feet.

20 Parking: Measurement Device
A Parkinator is a device with which money was established in exchange for the right to park a vehicle for a period of time defined at a certain point.

21 short music publications: EPS
An EP or an extended game is a type of musical publication that is longer than an individual, but shorter than a complete album.It usually contains four to six clues.

25 Jobsicherheits Org.: OSHA
OSHA means Occupational Health and Safety Administration.It is a government agency in the United States, which is responsible for guaranteeing safe and healthy working conditions for employees.

27 bit Kakao: Nib
A cocoa tip is a small piece of crushed cocoa beans.It is an important ingredient for chocolate production and can also be used when baking and cooking.

28 months before February: Energy
January is the Spanish word for January, which is the month before February or February.

29 Little Pest: Gnat
A mnat is a small flying insect that often occurs near the bodies of water.They are known for disturbing people and animals.

30 Site with a handmade ship: Etsy
ETSY is an online market where humans can buy and sell handmade items, as well as craft supplies and unique work items.

31 pujo out: omit
Jumping something means leaving it out or avoiding it.In the context of a crossword, omitting a track can mean that it does not try to solve it or leave it empty.

32 Hathaway Actress: Anne
Anne Hathaway is an American actress known for her roles in films such as "The Devil Wears Prada", "Les Misérables" and "The Dark Knight Rises."

33 Login into some museums: without cameras
Some museums prohibit visitors from taking photos or using cameras in their exhibitions.This may be to protect works of art or artifacts, distract or distract other visitors, or for other reasons.

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37 Sack __: Running
A capture race is a game in which participants run through blows in catches or bags.It is often played with picnic, carnival and other outdoor events.

39 Until now: Still: the crossword note refers to the expression "so far", which until now or until the present moment.It is often used to describe the progress of something or someone as a project or career of a person.

40 "Check it": go to - This crossword remains refers to a common sentence that is used to encourage someone, verify something or look at something.Look or see a new exhibition in a museum.

43 Does the Birdie look?: The crossword of pets is a word game."Watch The Birdie" is a frequent prayer with which someone looks at a camera and a smile.In this case "Look the Birdie" refers to the act of monitoring a pet bird while its owner has left.The "pet set" is a verb that means taking care of a person's pet while he left.

46 UFO -WENDE: STD -The crossword note refers to the idea of extraterrestrial beings or "STDs", which is believed to come from other planets or galaxies.It is used in view of unidentified flight objects (UFO).

47 Tegan and Sara, on the one hand: Pop -duo -This Crucigrama note refers to the musical duo Tegan and Sara, which are an indie canadic pop duo.The term "pop -duo" refers to a musical act that consists of the pop music that consists of two artists, a genre of popular music that arrived in the 1950s and emphasizes catchy melodies and optimistic rhythms.

48 Emmerich, director "Independence Day": Roland - The decrease in crossword.Use of special effects and his films often contain disaster and destruction issues.

49 Computer Pro: Techie: crossword instruction refers to a person who is in the field of technology, especially computers, intelligent or competent.A "technician" is someone who works with technology or who is often interested in technology and is often with technology - the industry is connected.

52 Storage stock: Accumulation: The crossword note refers to the act of accumulation or storage of large amounts of something, P.B.Food or money, for future use.A "hort" can also refer to hidden or secret action of something, often with the involvement that it was acquired with questionable means.

53 Diplomatic: Messenger: The crossword note refers to a person who is sent to a diplomatic mission to represent his country or government.Organizations are sent.

54 Perfect places: Edens: The crossword note refers to the biblical concept of Eden de Gartens, which is often considered a perfect and idyllic place.Or the ideal environment applies.

55 Ear: trapo
The lobe lobe is the fleshy and lower part of the human ear that is often used and is often used for piercings or decorative jewels.

56 businesses whose packages generally contain all the keys: Ikea
Ikea is a Swedish multinational company that designs and sells possible furniture, appliances and home accessories.Many of their products require assembly with all the keys contained in the packaging.

58 Archipelago: Island
An island is a small island that is often used to obtain one of a group of islands in an archipelago.

59 __ ends: what
"This" can end in the sentence "to be used as this" to refer to a negative result or an undesirable situation in which someone has been.

61 Sedaris von "El Mandaloriano": Amy
Amy Sedaris is an American actress, comedian and writer who played the character of the movie of Peli in the Disney+ "The Mandalorian" series.Peli's motto is a mechanic that directs a repair workshop on the planet Tatoine.

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