Michael Oher family, siblings: personal and professional side of his life (2023)

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  • Michael Jerome Oher was born on the 28th of May 1986 (34) in Memphis, Tennessee.
  • He is the son of mother Denise Oher and father Michael Jerome Williams.
  • He has a total of 13 siblings.
  • Later adopted by Sean Tuohy and Leigh Anne Tuohy.
  • He belongs to Afro-American ethnicity.
  • He attended Briarcrest Christian School.

Michael Oher had a tough life growing up, from growing up in multiple foster families to not being able to go to school. However, his life took a drastic turn after he was adopted by his new legal guardians.

Here, today, we're going to cover any and all facades of Oher's life. Know in detail about his biological and adoptive parents, siblings, wife or girlfriend if any and net worth.


Who are Michael Oher's Biological Parents? About your early childhood

Michael was one of 11 children ofDenise Oher. He was raised in a poor home where his parents never paid much attention to Michael and his brothers and sisters.

Both mom and dad had a terrible life. Denise was addicted to drugs, while her father, Michael Williams, was constantly getting into trouble and frequently arrested.

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His parents weren't taking care of their children properly, so Oher was placed in an orphanage at the age of seven. Furthermore, he was not tied to a single family and alternated between several foster homes. At one point, he was also homeless.

Furthermore, his father died when he was very young. Jerome Williams was reportedly shot dead and then thrown off a bridge.

Oher has not been in contact with her biological mother for a long time.

In 2017, during an interview with the news channel Local 24′, Denise spoke about her relationship with Michael. She told the reporter,

"I don't know if he's alive or dead, and it's sad to say, but it's the truth." She added: "We don't hear much from Michael, you know. I hope God pats him on the back and does what he's supposed to do as a family, with his family."

Adopted by the Tuohy family: an anecdote

Michael's life took a huge turn after meeting a man named,Sean Tuohy. They exchanged words for the first time at a basketball team practice in the Briarcrest Christian School gymnasium.

Later, Sean became interested in this young black man and wanted to help him in any way possible. Sean enlisted the help of his daughter, Collins Tuohy, who also attended the same school as Oher.

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Learning more about Michael from her daughter, she decided she needed to do something. Then, one day, he asked Michael if he wanted the lunch money, but to her surprise, Michael refused to accept the lunch money.

Impressed by her action, Sean opened a permanent account for Oher at the cash register.

Fast forward a few years and in 2004, Sean and his wifedecided to adopt Michaeland became her legal guardian.

How many siblings does Michael Oher have?

Oher shares a total of 13 siblings, including two from his adoptive family. From his biological family, he has a total of 11 brothers and sisters,Charles Oher,André,John,Marcus,Deljuan,other rich,tara,Denise. The names of the other two are not known.

Now speaking of his adoptive family, he has two brothers, a sistercollins tuohyis brotherSean Tuohy Jr.. His sister Collins, 33, has been married to Cannon Smith since 2016, while Sean is single and currently plays basketball for Loyola Greyhounds Men's Basketball.

Michael Oher Professional life

After being adopted, Oher's professional life took an upward curve. He received a scholarship from Mississippi, Tennessee, LSU and Alabama.

He decided to join the University of Mississippi and played 11 games at forward. During his college football years, he was selected as a Freshman All-Sec and Freshman All-America in 2005.

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Likewise, the following year, he earned second-team All-SEC after a standout performance in the highly competitive SEC. In the same year, the writermichael lewisbook author 'the blind side' depicting his life from a homeless child to a football star.

The book was a great success and director John Lee Hancock decided to adapt a small part for a film of the same title.

In 2009, the filmthe blind sidelaunched with big names in the industry includingSandra Bullock,Tim McGraw, youLily Collinsplaying the lead role.

Quinton Aaronhe played the lead role of Michael Oher. The film received several award nominations, including aacademic award.

Selected to the NFL in 2009 by the Baltimore Ravens

He was drafted by the Baltimore Ravens and selected 23rd overall. After success in his opening season, he helped the team win theSuperbowl XLVIIagainst the San Francisco 49ers in the 2012-13 season.

The following season, he moved to the Tennessee Titans for a season before his career best move.

Moved to the Carolina Panthers. The team's quarterback.leva newtonrecruited him. His performance peaked here as he led the Panthers and helped them win the MVP award.

Released by the Panthers in 2017 after failing a physical

After great seasons, Oher was later released by the Panthers in 2017. The move came as a huge shock to fans and media alike.

It was all because Michael failed the physical test.

What is Michael Oher's net worth now?

At the moment, Oher's net worth is $20 million. He amassed his fortune after playing for three NFL football teams.

During his time in the NFL, his annual salary was over a million dollars.

What is Michael Oher doing in 2023?

Since his release by the Panthers in 2017, Michael has completely disappeared from the football screen. The veteran has been without a known job since then.

If we are talking about where he is now, he lives at his residence in Baltimore. His last appearance was when he joined Nick Mangold as he did some commentary on the Legends game betweennew york jetsycrows.

Hey there. Then@michaeloherand I'm about to be live on@BudLightLegends Series We will be calling the@NYJets@Corvosgame, read their comments and enjoy a cold one at:https://t.co/5isOlVReOH #announcement pic.twitter.com/sBc8FO9Fan

—Nick Mangold (@nickmangold)December 13, 2019

Michael Oher Relationship: Does he have a wife?

Right now, their relationship status is a controversial topic. Up front, the former footballer has no visible girlfriend or wife, however, an incident has revealed somethingabout his secret wife.

Then, in July 2017, Oher got into a controversy after an Uber driver accused him of assault and filed a $500,000 lawsuit against him. According to the driver, Michael physically assaulted him in April of the same year, after a ride.

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The driver allegedly claimed that the football player got into his car asking him to follow his wife's car. From this statement, we can say that Michael has/had a wife.

As for her partner's identity, there is no more proof than this tragic incident. Her social media handle doesn't give away much detail about her love life.

Speaking of the charges, he was later cleared of the charge made by the Uber driver.


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