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Tracksmith apparel review (1)

Tracksmith running apparel tested
By Senior Contributor David Salas and Contributor Andrea Myers

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Tracksmith is a clothing company that has always interested me. It has been amazing to see the values ​​they bring to the table and how willing they are to support some of the "sub-elite" athletes who have ambitions to compete in Olympic trials or Olympic Games. Many of these athletes eventually formed Olympic teams and had sponsorships they otherwise would not have had in trials. They made a name for themselves at many events and did a good job of promoting the brand. Let's see how the garment works.

Manga Longa Tracksmith Van Cortlandt

PReis: $75,00

Tracksmith apparel review (2)
One of the clothing line's most iconic symbols is the sash, featured on the Van Cortlandt Long Sleeve above. Inspiration comes from Japanese ekidens - long-distance relay races - which typically involve a course being handed over to the next race during each leg of the race.

David: The vintage aesthetic is back with modern performance.The Van Cortlandt Long Sleeve instantly earned a spot in my running apparel rotation. I do a lot of my runs in the mornings before I go to work and the temperature is usually between 40 and 55 degrees depending on the time of year, with occasional temperatures in the low 40's in the morning. The mesh material is breathable but feels a little thicker compared to many performance long sleeves. This seems to make it a good top for light effort and/or training/race warm-ups that can split a few reps when warming up for your workout. The tape creates a seam that runs diagonally across the front of the body. It was a little noticeable on the first run, but I forgot about it once I started running it more often. This is definitely an intriguing piece of clothing for those who like to wear a single layer and don't like to mess with multiple layers.

The sizing of the Van Cortlandt Long Sleeve seems a little large. Normally I wear a men's medium and with this long-sleeved shirt I'm wearing a men's small. Ironically, the measurements fit me perfectly, which isn't usually the case for a small one. I'm 5'10" tall, relatively skinny with long arms and the measurements seem pretty tight. Even in my armpits I have enough room to steer my arms while running fast and not feel any passive tension in the material, when I move my shoulders I tend to extend overall I'm very happy overall, I'm actually my normal size The length of the arm goes straight to my wrist and fits really well The width along the distal side of the arm cuffs is normal and holds it feels so good when I have to pull up the sleeves (which I do a lot with long sleeves and I like that they don't ride up).

GenerallyI'm a fan of the Van Cortlandt Long Sleeve because of the variety of uses it has in my rotation. From a pure comfort and material standpoint, it's hard to say if it's "better" than the other long sleeves, but the versatility as a single layer is what makes it intriguing. It's a bit warmer than some of my other long sleeves, but still breathable, so I like to wear it to warm up or for light runs. If training requires a single shift because of the cold weather, this can be done. In terms of value, I find it difficult to pay $75 for a single piece, but I like the piece's versatility in colder conditions, so it's definitely worth bidding.

Tracksmith Running Van Cortlandt Manga Longa


Customize: B(Just because it fits so perfectly full size under what I usually wear. Otherwise the dimensions are good and the part goes well with every step)
Performance: A
(Versatile for many conditions, especially when you want a layer. It runs a little hotter than some other long sleeve shirts which takes away all the training potential, but other than that it works great.)
Personal: A
(I don't usually train with full sleeves, so the thickness factor doesn't really matter to me. This is definitely a comfy piece that I reach for quite often.)
Overall: A-
(A nice long sleeve shirt that you might want to go down a size for. Breathable but still thick enough for slightly colder conditions. May be a little hot for a full workout.)

Tracksmith Laufhose

Preis: $128,00

Tracksmith apparel review (3)

David:Cosiness meets performance with the Turnover pants.The Turnover Tights are full-length tights designed for long-distance performance efforts with light abrasion. The socks are certainly made of a very comfortable fabric. According to Tracksmith's website, it's Italian and is called Winter Blend. The material is by far one of the most comfortable yet high-performing things I've ever put on.

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Turnover tights are sized true to size. I happen to be one size larger than my normal size with this test piece. My frame measurements are 5'10" with a relatively skinny and "long" build. A full, taut feel, just with a little more wiggle room proximally. It wasn't a problem for me and really made the pair more comfortable to relax in. The socks have distal along the back Leg zips that make it easy to get on and off even when still wearing shoes. The zip seems to run a little higher than other socks we wear. I think they're really good for quick changes.

The Tracksmith Turnover Tights certainly offer a very good balance between comfort and performance, which is certainly needed during longer efforts. The Winter Blend material is incredibly comfortable and fits a little thicker than most performance socks, but isn't overly hot either. I feel the temperature range for this outfit is quite variable and works well for both warm up and performance. There is another variant of the lined model that may be more suitable for very cold conditions. With 40 degrees (4C) weather I was very happy with my couple.

Andrea:Tights are essential when running in winter, but it can be difficult to find one that fits well without restricting your inseam.The Turnover Tight excels in these categories and has a handy zip pocket on the back for keys or gels. They are full length and come down to just above the ankle bones, which is much appreciated in sub-zero temperatures. I usually wear an S in Tracksmith shorts and the socks are true to size. The waistband hit just below my belly button and didn't restrict my breathing. These are some of the softest tights I've ever worn and I found them perfect for temperatures in the mid 30's. They have held their shape well even after many washes. I used them for long runs and cold breaks and found I quickly forgot about them. It has become one of my favorite socks for cold days.

Tracksmith Laufhose

Passform: A

(I'm one size up from my normal size so it's a little less "tight" than regular socks would be, but it still fits very well. I have no doubt if I go by size the dimensions would be chosen.)
Performance: A
(Incredibly snug and still works well as you pick up the pace. The material doesn't give you a tugging sensation when the crotch is fully open and it breathes well enough for performance efforts.)
(My favorite tights. Expensive but to be fair the coziness is a league above many other pieces I've used)
Overall: A
(A wonderful blend of comfort and performance that still works in a wide variety of conditions

Passform: A(true to size and has not stretched in multiple washes)
Performance: A(does not restrict stride length, stays in place, no chafing)
Personal: A(perfect tights for winter racing in New England)
Overall: A(great fit and performance, works for a range of temperatures, quality fabric, worth the price)

Preis: $88,00

Tracksmith apparel review (4)

:The Brighton Base Layer is made from a very soft, technical merino wool knit that offers excellent warmth and breathability in a range of temperatures.The mesh is looser in the torso and tighter in the arms, helping to keep your core cooler and your extremities warmer in the cold. My first run was an easy 13 mile run in 35F temperatures and 20mph winds. I used it as my only layer because I didn't pay attention to the wind forecast. At the start of the race I was quite worried I was going to get cold, but I wasn't in the sweet spot of hot or cold for the first mile. By the end of the run I was warm and dry due to the top's excellent moisture wicking properties. I've also used it as a base layer under jackets of various weights in temperatures of 15-25F with similar performance. I usually wear an S on Tracksmith tops and this top fits the size despite being on the longer side. I had no issues with the top riding up (when worn alone or under a jacket) due to the stretch of the material. I hope this top will last many winters due to the quality of the material and construction.


Passform: A(fits true to size, doesn't ride up/doesn't have to bend down to stay in place)
Performance: A(works exceptionally well over a range of temperatures (15-40F) depending on whether worn alone or under a jacket)
Personal: A(one of my most versatile LS baselayers due to the versatility and quality of the material)
Overall: A(worth the money for a well-fitting, versatile winter underwear)


Tracksmith has gained a lot of ground in the running apparel industry in a relatively short period of time. They seem to put good things into their products and they all go well with every competing company I've tried (David). Tracksmith always seem to bring a vintage aesthetic to their clothing, so if you like the unique look of clothing and don't mind paying a little more for a little more "premium" material, it's definitely worth a look. I'm usually thrifty when it comes to gear so I'm concerned about paying that much for clothes, but the performance and comfort is there.

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Preis: $88

rotating tights
Preis: $128

Manga Longa van Cortlandt
Preis: $75

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