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Today we can have beautiful underwear delivered right to our doorstep and we can easily pull nice, soft and comfortable panties (aka EBY) out of our drawers, but that wasn't always the case. Underwear was not a good choice in ancient times: it was a necessity to keep the private parts warm for both men and women; Although not taught in schools, knowing where and how our underwear comes from helps us understand the stigmas that have surrounded them throughout history.

The role and importance of underwear has changed many times throughout history, shifting from underwear to outerwear as society evolved. From a basic necessity to a luxe status indicator, this journey has shaped our understanding of underwear today and happily allowed us to wear our EBYs comfortably.

When was underwear invented?

The concept of using fabrics to protect our private parts originated around 5000 BC. by cavemen and the ancient Egyptians. In Austria, around 1991, archaeologists found additional stores of linen loincloths in Egyptian tombs, some indicating dignity and, in cases of kings, believed to support pharaohs and queens into the afterlife. Who knew underwear would have such power, right?

A brief history of underwear

5000 aC (H3)

Underwear began 5000 BC. as outerwear. C. and appeared to cavemen and women as a small piece of cloth wrapped around the waist and across the leg called a loincloth. Especially in the colder parts of the world, there was a fundamental need for protection to protect the intimate area. The ancient Egyptians and pharaohs also wore leather loincloths as outerwear and adopted variations of fabric and length as a symbol of power and status.

middle Ages

Although women needed the same protection as men, up until the 19th century they were basically commandos, amazing right? Medieval men relied on men's underwear, something like the first prototype of the elasticated waist boxer shorts and briefs worn in the Middle Ages.

Although women's undergarments were multi-piece structures, they contained no fabric in their private parts. They featured tight-fitting corsets, rigid bodices, metal skirt structures, and the occasional wool-stocking undergarment, depending on cold climates.

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For comfort, they wore bodices as sleepwear and nothing else. Some dress frames tended to get bigger and bigger, so many women didn't have to take them out to "go to the bathroom" and spill something on the fabric.

This, of course, was preferred for women of the nobility, while lower-class women wore poorly structured lingerie and struggled with sanitary conditions. It's not the best time to be a woman, is it?

the 1600th

By the 1600s, men (especially royalty) began wearing 13-inch shorts, which are somewhat related to what we know today as jockey breeches. Men's underwear had tight laces around the waist and ankles and was richly adorned with ribbons and various fancy fabrics, while women began to suffer more and more in the name of fashion, as laced bodices became more customized every day to an exaggerated to create plane. Narrow chest-waist silhouette, wear lifter bras but still no panties.

The 19th Century.

Have you ever wondered why we say "underwear"? That's because in the early 19th century, women began to wear slips: a pant-like undergarment consisting of a separate pair of legs that meet at the waist and narrow around the ankles.

They started out with a simple design but over time became much more elaborate, embellished with lace, ribbons and ribbons. However, they could not wear them to sleep as it was considered embarrassing for their husbands to see anything belonging to their underwear.

For most of the century, these pieces were parted between the legs to make going to the toilet easier, but thankfully women were eventually introduced to trousers: long, loose-fitting pants to wear under dresses and skirts (more appropriate at last Protection). !)

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The 1920s and 1940s

By the time we got into the 1920's we were already blessed with the introduction of proper lingerie. While the concept of tights basically meant simple, industrial pieces of fabric, thanks to flappers and all their fringed, short-haired glamour, underwear became form-fitting underwear and began to become more decorative and less demure the more it was used in fashion. short dresses of the time

This became the idea of ​​a "pin-up girl" (as we know them from cartoon characters) in the 1940s with the advent of clothing technology and the modern bra, which made women photographed in lingerie more acceptable and pushed society to follow in front. Embrace female figures and their curves.

Die 1950er

In the 1950s we finally got what we needed: comfort! The bikini came to life with the name of an island in the Pacific Ocean, with more flexible elastic waistbands and cotton fabrics, it evolved into a comfortable and cute garment, opening the doors to new comfortable and fashionable styles.

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When was underwear invented? A brief history of underwear - Blog | EBY by Sofia Vergara (1)

the 1980s

The 1980s are whenribbonshad its first revolutionary appearance. They first gained popularity in South America, came to the US around 1981 and became very popular. Thongs fit perfectly into the 1980's aerobics culture and were a hit after leotards and tights, introducing the concept of "sexy underwear" to society, prompting men and women to come to terms with the idea that underwear is , to feel more comfortable a powerful tool for sexual attractiveness.

In addition, underwear and outerwear from 5000 BC. C. came full circle in the '80s, when stars like Cher graced the stage in thong bodysuits and two-piece suits.

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Los 2000

The 2000s was underwear as we know it, but the decade brought Spanx's innovative concept of shapewear, where the comfort of underwear meets the shape of the body.

This encouraged women to embrace and sculpt their figure in their outfits, which is an innovative concept that women around the world are embracing on multiple occasions every day. Besides shapewear, there are many types of underwear that focus more on making women more comfortable with their body shape, such as the high-waisted and high-waisted thong.

The 2000s took the sex appeal of lingerie a step further with the rise of Calvin Klein and near-naked models in in-store advertising, opening the doors to an overall larger market and offerings in major stores.

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Finally, all of these ups and downs in underwear history have brought us to this day, where all underwear trends fall on the side of comfort.

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Eby's are made from the best possible fabrics to provide what we've always deserved: comfort. Our seamless panties and bralettes come in many different styles and sizes to fit all bodies and occasions while being comfortable and convenient for your daily life. After all, all these women before us fought for nothing!

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When was underwear invented? A brief history of underwear - Blog | EBY by Sofia Vergara (2)

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